List of downloadable files:

94-98ClusterPinouts shows the differences between instrument clusters from 1994-1998. This information can be used to do instrument cluster swaps between years.

HowToDepinAndRepinClusterConnectors shows how to adapt your car's wiring harness to accept an instrument cluster from another year donor car.

99-04ClusterPinouts shows the differences between instrument clusters from 1999-2004.

03MustangDefrosterSwitchHack shows how to swap a 99-00 cluster into an 01-04 car.

AirCoreOPGaugeUpgradeInstallGuide shows how to install the Accutach Co. 99-04 Ford Oil Pressure Gauge Upgrade Unit.

MeterMatchMustangHowTo shows how to upgrade your 79-98 Ford oil pressure gauge to be a real oil pressure gauge rather than an idiot light in gauge form.

TestingTachSpeedoR1 explains how to use simple, low cost tools to check the calibration of your Speedometer and tachometer.

OdometerSwapHowTo shows how to swap odometers between 94-98 Mustang clusters.

V8TachInV6Car shows how to convert Mustang instrument clusters so a V8 tachometer can be used in a V6 car.

99-04ClusterCalibration shows how to calibrate the needles on 99-04 Mustang instrument clusters.