Tach Calibrator Peripheral

Accutach Co. Tachometer Calibrator Peripheral


 This calibrator can be used to calibrate and repair Smiths Tachometers by generating an extremely accurate frequency that can be varied from 0 to over 10,000 RPM. It can also calibrate other types of low voltage direct connected tachometers such as those found in Fords, Acuras and Hondas of the 1980s and 1990s.

It can also be used to calibrate high voltage tachometers such as vintage VDO tachometers with the additional purchase of a calibrator amplifier unit.  Please contact us if you want to purchase a calibrator amplifier.

The Calibrator requires the use of a PC (Microsoft Windows NT or newer) with a sound card or an Android tablet or smartphone and a well regulated 12 volt power supply capable of supplying at least a 1 amp current square wave, such as a charged car or motorcycle battery. A good bench power supply can also be used.

We recommend you read the user's manual prior to purchase to ensure you are comfortable using this product. Click here to download the user's manual:

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