​ Steering Wheel Button Boxes

 Accutach Co. produces units that allow car enthusiasts to repurpose the buttons to control other accessories, including race-related equipment. 

Some of the applications that the Steering Wheel Button Boxes have been used for are:

-Stealth control of nitrous systems
-Control of line lock systems
-Control of two-step or rolling anti-lag systems
-Control of scramble boost systems
-Control of automatic transmission transbrakes
-Control of automatic transmission lockup
-Control of automatic transmission overdrive
-Paddle shifters
-Control of a drag chute

With this product, you can safely control your racing accessories without taking your hands off of the steering wheel.

Note that Ford used two basic cruise control switch circuits from 1994-2004 and beyond in some cases.  One of the two older Ford Cruise Button Boxes will be compatible with nearly every Ford vehicle of that vintage.  See the compatibility list for each product.

If you don't see your vehicle on the list below, there is a still a good chance we can create a box for you.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Background Information


Steering wheel buttons are organized into groups that share a common signal wire to the OEM cruise control or audio unit they are designed to control.  Accutach Company's steering wheel boxes are designed to intercept those signals and open or close relays that can be used to control other accessories.  So you can repurpose any group of buttons on your steering wheel.  You cannot repurpose any buttons in a group while retaining OEM functionality of any other buttons in the same group.

One of the most complex examples is the 2010-2014 Mustang. One group consists of the 5 cruise control buttons, the second is the group of 5 audio buttons and the third is the group of 3 mode buttons.  Any or all of the three groups of buttons can be repurposed.

The steering wheel box turns each repurposed button in the group into a momentary-on pushbutton.  If you regular on and off functionality, you will need one or more of the auxiliary switch boxes described at the bottom of the page below.

If you don't see your make and model listed below, we would be willing to consider creating a new box for your make and model. If you are interested and willing to help, please contact us.


You can simultaneously press one button from each group, but if you try to press multiple buttons of the same group, only the one with precedence will be activated.  See the installation guide for each individual unit for details.

Application Information

 Click here to see how to use your steering wheel buttons to control a Freddy Brown Overdrive, Lockup & Transbrake Relay Control unit.