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Product Documents

General Automotive Information

  • CamChart App zip file contains a javascript program that will create a traditional cam chart from any set of cam specs.  Simply unzip the program files all into the same drurectory and point your browser at one of the HTML files.

Mustang, F150 and General Ford

88-91 Honda CRX/Civic

Vintage Jaguar

  • Analysis of a 1974 Smiths Seat Belt Module. (pdf)   In 1974, the US federal government mandated that cars' starters be disabled if the driver or a passenger in the car are not belted in.  The unpopular mandate was dropped by 1975, so only 1974 model tear cars came with such equipment.  Smiths designed a seat belt module that was used in the 1974 Series-3 E-tyoe V12 "Jaguars as well as Triumphs, and some other British cars.

Chevy C10

  • 73 Chevy C10 Fleetside Fuel Filler Neck Mod. (pdf)   We fabricated a new fuel filler neck for a 1973 Chevy C10 fleetside pickup in order to fix the problem where modern gas pump nozzles make it impossible to quickly fill the tank without spilling a lot of fuel in the process.

Obsolete Products

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