Reverse Lockout Timer


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. If you have uprgraded your vehicle to a Tremec T-56 or T-6060 6-speed transmission, you will need to figure out how you want to drive the 12 volt reverse lockout solenoid. The reverse lockout is designed to prevent you from accidentally trying to put your transmission in reverse while the vehicle is in motion, which could badly damage your transmission. Many people either eliminate the reverse lockout by removing it, or they connect the solenoid to the brake light switch. However, this defeats the purpose of the lockout because it allows and easy shift attempt into reverse while the car is in motion. We at Accutach believe that it is much safer to use the lockout as it was intended. Some people simply wire a switch to the solenoid or just overpower the lockout with arm strength, but those are two-handed operations, unless you are Arnold Shwartzenegger. The Accutach Reverse Lockout timer allows you to install a momentary-on pushbutton switch near your shifter. When you push the pushbutton switch, you will have 20 to 30 seconds with the solenoid energized to allow you to easily put the transmission into reverse, making the operation a fast, easy, one-handed operation. 

Reverse Lockout Timer Details

 With the Accutach Reverse Lockout Timer installed in your aftermarket T-56 or T-6060 transmission equipped vehicle, you will experience the protection of an effective reverse lockout, with an easy, one-handed way to get your transmission into reverse only when you want it there. Simply locate the Accutach Reverse Lockout Timer under your console near the shifter, and wire it to a 12 volt power source, to ground, to the T-56/T-6060 reverse lockout solenoid and to a momentary-on pushbutton switch, and you will have a safe, easy, convenient way to put your transmission into reverse, only when you want it there. 

You will need to supply a momentary-on pushbutton switch and the connector for the T-56 reverse lockout solenoid: For T-56, GM part number: 12101857 or ACDelco # PT249. 

Right click and Save As or Open in a New Window here to download the Reverse Lockout Timer Installation Guide in pdf format.